Office philosophy

Office philosophy

Our philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that a conservative, “quality-before-quantity” approach to your dental treatment should never be compromised. We strive to provide gentle, innovative and tailored to the unique needs of each patient dental care in an informal yet professional atmosphere.

It is also our belief that a new concept of dental care that is good for people and the environment should be promoted. For this reason, AG dentistry incorporated environmentally friendly principles into the office design.


The office is located in a close proximity to public transportation (Go Station, Burlington transit). Bike racks are installed on east and west sides of the building.

Energy saving

The layout has been carefully planned to allow for the maximum utilization of natural lighting during the day, which along with the installation of LED bulbs and energy-efficient appliances, enables energy saving.

Water quality

We eliminated energy wasting water distillers. All treatment centers are connected to a 5-stage reverse osmosis filtration system, removing sediments (sand, rust), chlorine, and other chemicals thus providing our patients with high quality, purified water during dental procedures. On top of this, an antibacterial solution is used in dental unit waterlines on a daily basis to maintain water quality and to prevent contamination. We follow weekly waterlines maintenance procedures meticulously.

Water saving

We installed an eco-friendly dry vacuum system and touchless faucets to reduce water waste.

Paper waste reduction

AG dentistry utilizes fully paperless record keeping system, which means all dental records are stored and managed electronically. Moreover, the use of digital X-rays using no chemicals, producing no toxic waste, and eliminating the need for printing, can also be considered an eco-friendly strategy.

Mercury waste management

Globally, between 20,000-30,000 tons of mercury are discharged into the environment each year as a result of human activities. The environmental impact of dental mercury is mainly due to the poor management of dental amalgam (“silver” filling) waste. AG dentistry is an amalgam-free clinic. We installed amalgam separating system reducing the amount of mercury-contaminated water.

Medical waste management

AG dentistry developed a plan for management of medical waste that complies with local regulations to ensure health and environmental safety. We perform waste segregation for safe and efficient removal of hazardous materials from the office.